We are a dynamic and vibrant brotherhood serving our local communities and nation. We are comprised of more than 5,000 American Muslim men and boys, aged 7 to 40, spread across 70 local chapters. Our membership include Grammy Award winning artists and Pulitzer Prize winning journalists. Officially established in the United States in 1939, Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association USA is one of the earliest Muslim Youth organizations in the United States.

  • Walk for Humanity - One of our largest initiative is an annual drive consisting of a 5-mile walk. Launched in 2012, it has raised more than $250,000 to help fight hunger in America. The event is organized and run completely by unpaid youth volunteers.

  • Humanity for Houston - In August 2017, the Gulf Coast was hit with Hurricane Harvey. Over 30,000 residents have been displaced with costs of $100 billion dollars for recovery. This year our focus is on the victims of Hurricane Harvey.​

  • Muslim Youth Against Hunger - 50.1 Millions Americans live in food insecure households, 33.6 Million adults and 16.7 Million children. Our goal is to raise funds and awareness for Fighting Hunger in America. Our national partner is Humanity First USA. We are also partnering with other local charities in each walk area. Together we can make a difference!

“The principle to which we adhere to is that we have kindness at heart for the whole of mankind.“ 

Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, The Promised Messiah and Imam Mehdi